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Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing is a very exciting profession. It very much differs from your basic perm position. All Travel Nursing jobs are different, every hospital is (and pays) different, and every staff you work with will be different than the last.

Travel Nursing Jobs Salary

FUN FACT: When it comes to travel nursing jobs, agencies cannot control how much money the hospital can give you to be employed as a travel nurse in their facility. However, they CAN control how much of that money they put in your pocket and their pocket. Each facility gives the agency a bill rate that has gone through extensive lengths to be sent out as a job order. 

It comes from the entire budget system of the hospital, how much they are able to pay to get 2 Telemetry travel RN’s into the 6S unit. Hospitals in California are able to pay a lot more than hospitals in South Carolina, so be prepared for that hit if you’re looking to start in a location that pays big money. it’s all about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…

Travel nursing jobs are gone as fast as we receive them. Your first thought when “travel nursing jobs” comes to mind is to see what jobs are available. Let me tell you, most all jobs you see posted online are old job postings, a “fishing line”, if you will. You’ll get the same information if you call and ask an agency “what jobs do you have in Sacramento?” Odds are, you’ll get Mr. Bigteeth Billy UsedCarSalesman at One Big Travel Agency who tells you that they absolutely have a position posted there, which is another fishing line to get you on board with them. 

Get your file built with a reputable company you can trust and they’ll get that sent to the hospital as soon as a job comes open in the area, or even market you out if there is no job posting. 

Read more on this in the Becoming a Travel Nurse page

All nursing jobs requirement are different. I have 3 OR RN’s working for me, one works 4 10-hour shift with Wednesdays off, another works 3- 12-hour day shifts, and the last works M-F 630-1430. In a lot of cases, we will get the shift and a lot of other information with the job order, but talking about shift and scheduling is what is needed in the interview with the nurse manager. We, as agencies, cannot control your schedule. We are at the mercy of the hospital!!

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