Travel Nursing Companies

Travel nursing companies come in all shapes and sizes. You might get a travel nursing agency who burns you or a travel nursing company who treats you like family. We have recruiters with us who have been in this industry and with multiple travel nursing companies, so let me enlighten you on why most agencies are all different.


Travel nursing companies pay differently

Agencies all get the same bill rate from the hospital, it just depends what we do with the money. Big companies tend to not pay as well because they have more overhead to cover and have to take a larger percent profit- housing department, compliance department, marketing department… Mid-size companies like us take a very small percent profit and give the nurse as much as we possibly can, it’s the right thing to do. I am your housing department. I collect and run all of your compliance. I am your contact for any reason about anything. Our overhead includes 5 people- HR rep, payroll specialist, payroll assistant, collections, and a joint commission compliance coordinator. 

Find a company that is JOINT COMMISSION certified.

We have one compliance officer who keeps us joint commission compliant (this is where I brag that we’ve scored 100% on every JC audit!) It covers both of our butts if anything were to happen and holds us at a high standard for our employees.  It’s not an easy thing to get!!! I can tell you right now, Fred McStaffer who calls nurses from his parent’s basement in his tighty-whities isn’t Joint Commission certified. It’s not safe for you or your career to go with travel nursing companies that doesn’t have the Joint Commission Seal of Approval!!

Go with your gut!

Travel Nursing Companies

Go with your gut!

If you talk with a recruiter from a big travel agency who is super pushy and makes you feel like you’re going to end up buying a used car that you don’t want, don’t go with him. There are a lot of agencies who give their recruiters the “ok” to have 100+ nurses and are literally just there to sell you on a position, have you sign your life away, and are never able to be reached again until it’s time to extend at your contract. Some nurses appreciate not being “bothered” as long as their pay is good, but a lot appreciate the check-in that we do weekly. When you get a good recruiter/agency, you’ll be able to reach them at any time and have a good feeling about them.

It’s not all about the numbers.

With the big companies, recruiters have to have a certain amount of RN files submitted out at all times. Whether you’re a NICU nurse or an ER nurse, they’ll submit you to a Med/Surg position with a bill rate $12 higher than the allowed bill rate just so they can have another submission without the chance of you actually getting called for an interview. Mid-size companies like us, we don’t have those rules. We understand that the market is so completely up and down and it changes weekly. Some weeks are slow, some are crazy. We work with passion for helping our nurses and getting you a position you actually want, not with numbers.

Get referrals!

Ask around to other travelers. There are hundreds of agencies out there and most travelers have worked with more than one. Get the good, the bad, and the ugly that they’ve dealt with while traveling. Plus, they may receive a referral bonus for helping their recruiter out!

Truth is, there are so many travel nursing companies out there but they are not all cut of the same cloth. If you’re looking for a reliable, honest & supportive company and recruiters who will treat you with respect and not just like another pay check, then feel free to connect with us here. We’d love to have you as the next member of our extended family.

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