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How To Be A Travel Nurse

So, you’ve taken the plunge and started looking into how to be a travel nurse. Being a travel nurse is just like being a staff nurse, but better! Cut the politics, multiply the pay, grow your experience, meet new people, see new things, be a TRAVEL NURSE.

The first step in being a travel nurse is to gain experience beforehand. When hospitals post positions for a nurse, they post this position with very good pay not only to reimburse for traveling away from your home, but to get a QUALITY, EXPERIENCED nurse into their facility. You’re looked at as the expert, someone who is able to come in as a guest and hit the ground running. You may be a very quick learner and work in a big trauma facility, but if you’ve got under 1 year experience, there is still the world to learn. You HAVE to have the required amount of experience to be comfortable jumping in with both feet, ready to rock and roll. Most hospitals require 2 years of experience as an RN and one of those years has to be within the last year. It might seem unfair if you have 30+ years’ experience and have been out for the past 2, but look at it this way- if you don’t use it, you lose it, so picture your family member being taken care of by a nurse who has been out of the game for a while. We don’t make these rules, don’t shoot the messenger!!!

Peds Nurse and baby in PACU

Gain new experience as a travel nurse

Pick a unit. Here’s a scenario… You’re an RN. You start off in the Med/Surg unit and work there for 5 months until you transfer to the L&D. You decide after 6 months that you don’t like babies or whiney mothers, so you transfer to the ER. After 6 months of being in the ER, you decide travel would be awesome. Even though your resume looks great and you have recent experience, you don’t have 1 full year of either Med/Surg, L&D, or ER experience. Keep on workin’, because our clients require that full recent year in your specific unit. This may be a no-brainer, but I’ll say it anyways- you can’t reach out to me and say “I want to travel in L&D” but have only worked Post-Partum or Antepartum for your career. RECENT EXPERIENCE, FOLKS!!!

You’re a guest in someone else’s house, act like it. Yes, you’re looked at as the expert and are brought in to bring some relief to these staff nurses who are worked to the bone, but stay humble and respectful. You’re not there to bully or manage, but to deliver exceptional patient care with a smile on your face and collect an awesome paycheck at the end of the week! Some staff nurses suck, we know this. Some are super grateful you’re there to help them and some others hate you because you’re in their house collecting more a paycheck than they are. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this and there is no way to know this information until a traveler tells us. We will stick up for you through and through, but there’s only so much we can do when you’ve accepted the 13 week assignment. We are at the mercy of the hospital.

Smiling Lady with arms wide open

Become your own boss!

Be open. In today’s travel market, it is SUPER competitive. As soon as a position opens, it’s filled with 20+ candidates within minutes. The more open to location, shift, etc., you are, the more chance we’ll have in finding you a position. Also, be open to TRUSTING US. Our job is to find you a great travel position. We can’t do that if we have to reach out to you and get your approval to submit you to a newly opened position. Minutes/hours will go by and there will be multiple candidates presented before you to lower our chances for an interview. Help us help you and get your travel britches on!

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