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Steve a.k.a Mr Honesty

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Hello There! This is Steve,  I lived in China for 7 years and was the HR manager and recruiting specialist for a training school in Shanghai, China. I recruited and trained over 140 teachers during my time in the Eastern Kingdom. I love working with people who impact and change lives as well as making the world a better place. It’s my motivation for working with nurses now.  I love working as a recruiter mainly because I’m blessed to be working with motivated and inspiring nurses who want to travel the nation and provide their services to people in need.  I love working with Concentric Healthcare because it does not only give nurses the flexibility and chance to work in a safe environment, but it also gives nurses the best pay packages per every assignment. Not to mention, the support recruiters are trained to provide the nurses while on assignments make me love working as a recruiter.

If you’re looking for a reliable, honest & supportive company and recruiter who will treat you with respect and not just like another pay check, then feel free to connect with me. I’d love to have you as the next member of our extended family.

  • Hey, there! I’m Cola and I’ve been working with Concentric for over 2 years now. I moved to Arizona from Nebraska almost 7 years ago to pursue my Exercise Science degree internship. After that, I worked in the fitness industry for a few years and was ready for a change. I heard a friend of a friend (check out Nick below!!) talking about how much he liked working where he did, so I started asking him about it. One thing lead to another and here we are 2+ years later. I bust my butt every day to help provide an awesome life for my adventurous 1-year-old son and my hard-working hubby!

    I’m a very honest person, so finding that company who shares the same values and morals as I do was a huge success in my life. I work with some absolutely incredible nurses, also. Family is my life and I truly feel like my nurses are part of my family. I would do everything in my power to keep them happy!! It’s a true shame that some companies treat nurses like they’re just a number, just someone who makes them money, so please keep moving if that’s what you’re looking for with your recruiter!

Cola a.k.a Queen of the Midwest

Concentric Healthcare Nurse recruiter

George a.k.a Recruiting Guru

Concentric Healthcare Nurse recruiter


My name is George Rhoades and I have been working in the Healthcare industry for the past 9 years.  I have a passion for what I do and get complete satisfaction when I’m able to help someone out with the career goals.  I grew up in Tucson Arizona and I’m married to my beautiful wife Brandi.  We have two awesome kids (Hayden and Greysen) which keeps life fun, busy and exciting!!

I started in the industry with Maxim Healthcare as a recruiter and quickly moved up and received a promotion to Account Manager.  I was with Maxim for 7 years but left Maxim to pursue a different Managerial career in the Semiconductor and Solar industries. I decided to leave the Semiconductor and Solar industries to get back into the healthcare industry which I surely missed. 

I started with Concentric Healthcare back in March of 2014 as a recruiter and within this timeframe to date, I have received a promotion to become the Travel Recuitment Manager for the travel Division!

If you are looking to travel, be treated fairly, like family and want to work for the best travel company and in the industry, please reach out and give me or our other aweome recruiters a call as we would love to get a chance to help you receive a great assignment.

  • Hi, I am Nick! I am originally from the Pacific Northwest (yes it really rains like they say) and now live in Arizona! I enjoy spending time with my rescue dog and pug that I take up north hiking often! In the summer you can find me hiding indoors during the week and on the weekends you will find me grilling and hanging by the pool. I have been a Travel Nurse Recruiting Manager for the past 4 years and truly enjoy what I do as I love getting pictures from my nurses while they are out on assignments!

Nick a.k.a Mr Hat Trick

Concentric Healthcare Nurse recruiter

Joe a.k.a Mr. Hustle and Bustle

Concentric Healthcare Nurse recruiter

Honest New York guy, Recruiter of the Travel East division. I, of course, staff nationwide, but am known as the “King of the Tri-state” ! My own professional values are the same as my personal values. I aim to treat all individuals with dignity and respect. I focus on meeting and exceeding the service expectations of my constituents. To be friendly, fair and firm in all my relationships. To collaborate with all team members to fulfill, meet, and or exceed expectations. Finally, I continually seek to improve the quality of care and services that I provide.

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