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If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and trying to figure out if the benefits of travel nursing are worth the leap, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Different agencies have different types of benefits for travel nursing, but it goes deeper than what is in your assignment contract. Don’t you worry, of course I’m going to keep yapping about the benefits of travel nursing!!!!


Benefits of Travel Nursing

Kick the politics to the side with a pair of steel-toed boots. When you’re a travel nurse, you’re there to deliver exceptional patient care. You’re not there to worry about any sort of budget or shortage of any kind, and with those worries aside, you’re able to focus 100% on your patients. It’s the whole reason why you became a nurse in the first place, to be a patient advocate.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Travel and work as a nurse

Build experience and your resume. Being a traveler, you’re looked at as the expert who is able to come in and hit the ground running, which is the exact reason you have to have good experience to become a traveler. You’re trained to be a fast learner and to deliver patient care in unfamiliar territories and THAT is a great addition to your nursing experience.

Experience new places! It’s called “travel” for a reason, to be away from home and in a new area!! Use it to your advantage to visit friends near Virginia Beach, grandma in Nebraska, or your favorite mountain in Colorado for ski season. It’s happened many times before where our nurses have taken an assignment in a location they didn’t have their sights on and LOVED it to the extent of signing on permanently or extending for an entire year. You never know until you visit and if you don’t like it, it’s only 3 months, not a lifetime. Search for RN travel jobs here to get started!


Health/insurance benefits. “Do you guys have day-1 insurance benefits?” Is one of the most common question I get asked. The answer is “absolutely!” We do our insurance benefits a bit different than other agencies. You don’t get 3 crappy plans to choose from for employee insurance. Instead, you get to sign up for your own personalized insurance plan and we’ll cover up to half of your monthly payment. After 6 months, you’re eligible for our employee insurance plans. 

benefit of travel nursing

Make more money as a travel nurse

Tax-free stipends. This is where travelers make the most of their money. Depending how far away from your home your assignment is and the location of the hospital (based on, you get a big lump sum of tax-free stipends to use for housing and all other incidentals. Now, you could be into traveling for the experience and a “working vacation” away from home. In that case, you can stay at Caesars Palace and spend every last penny of your tax-free stipend for your housing. OR, you can stay at Motel 6 or AirBnB for $40/night and pocket the rest of your stipend to take home a larger amount of money. Who doesn’t like more money in their pocket?????

All in all, there are numerous benefits of travel nursing. It’s not for everyone, but if you are up for a new adventure and want to meet new people and visit new places then be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime.

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