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Becoming a Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurse is very easy ,that is, if you know the ropes and know what to avoid. Being able to travel is one of the major advantage of becoming a travel nurse

Why Most Nurses are Considering Travel Nursing​

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2016, an estimated 1 million new and replacement nurses will be needed throughout the entire country!

With the nursing shortage increasing, the current demand for travel nurses has expanded to even greater proportions. Statistics predict by 2020, US will face a 29% increase in the national need for travel nurses.

As a rewarding career, travel nursing doesn’t just provide adventure and the chance for developing new specialized skills and knowledge – it also provides financial stability in an economy where that is increasingly hard to find.

Tips On How To Become a Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurseInstead of searching for actual travel jobs posted online, search for companies and reviews, as well as referrals from other RN’s who are traveling. This is your livelihood, you want a company who will take care of you and not leave you stranded sleeping in your car in a new state with a fake assignment that never existed in the first place (true story).

DON’T build a full profile with a thousand agencies; it will NOT up your chances of getting a good position. Most agencies have the same hospitals contracted, so stay with one agency if you feel comfortable, two is still good, three is max. Any more than three gets SUPER messy, your profile gets submitted to places you don’t know about and might get double-submitted to the same hospital/job, which actually lowers your chance of getting that position, managers don’t like spam!

What’s a “profile”? Bigger companies will make you go through this extensive process of testing and employment documents before you even get submitted out, which isn’t necessary to get a position.Stay away from such agencies, it’s a waste of your precious time.

A great profile just consists of basic pre-qualification questions, your work history, 2 recent references, and a skills checklist based on your unit specialty. After we get your information all put together in a beautiful, shiny profile, that allows us to get you submitted out to any job openings we get from hospitals nationwide. Your file will get viewed usually by a middle man first to ensure you’re eligible for the position before being passed on to the nurse manager for an interview. Some hospitals use online video interviews (super awkward, I hear) and others just call randomly for an interview. You interview, do splendid, and we get the offer. BOOM!

Contact one of our Specialty-Focused Recruiters today and they’ll happily create a professional looking profile for you. Let them do all the hard work for you!

You don’t have to accept any offer you get. This is the exact reason why we ask for authorization to present you out to positions the second the orders get sent to us. 

We spend time learning about you and what you’re looking for with your travel assignment so we know what to look for when we’re trying to get you a job. You can interview and get offers from 4820 different hospitals and you don’t have to accept any of them. There won’t be any hard feelings anywhere by anyone and it won’t give you a “bad name” at all. 

It’s better to be first presented, interview, and decline their offer rather than to have me waste 2 hours trying to get ahold of you for authorization to submit you while there are already 20+ candidates in front of you for that position. What kind of chance does that give you in this type of competitive market we’re in?? 

We are here for YOU. If we don’t successfully get you a position, we have failed. Help us help both of us succeed!!

Contact a Specialty-Focused Recruiter today to get started!


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